Saturday, November 20, 2004

Calling the Homework Fairy

Friday night, 6:30pm, still at my desk. I know that as soon as I stand from my desk, I admit defeat. I admit that the remainder of my work must be completed over the weekend. Precious weekend time is now earmarked for decidedly non-precious activities. I pack my things. I store my laptop in its bag, gather relevant loose papers and slide them in beside the laptop. Then I drive home.

There's also the matter of my ten-minute play. It needs to be finished this weekend too. The deadline looms.

And I've got a ticket to see Matt & Ben Saturday night (aka tonight). This excites me greatly. But it could have come at a better time.

My extremities are freezing. Time to declare this day officially started and get my ass out of the chair. Oh but look, isn't the kitten sweet curled up in my lap? Maybe if I just sit here a little longer, maybe, just maybe, it'll all take care of itself.

Now I've done it. She's purring. I'm doomed.

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