Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Burlington Take Two

Again I find myself in a hotel room, only a few rooms down from where I stayed in August.

The short version: Left home airport at 11:10 AM for LAX. Connecting flight delayed an hour, so we switched to a different flight that left two hours later... I know it sounds weird but stay with me. The original flight had a stopover in Chicago where we were to just sit on the runway for an hour, and the new flight didn't stop except to land in Boston. So we ate lunch at a "Chili's Too" in LAX and boarded our new flight with no problems. I had the best strawberry lemonade of my life.

Our old flight (1400) is scheduled to arrive right now. So instead of sitting in my hotel room with my things unpacked and orderly, I could still be sitting on a runway somewhere.

The new kitten is adorable. I've taken LOTS of pictures, but seeing as how I'm very far from the digital camera, it'll take me about a week to post them. Let me just say, it was hard to get on a plane and leave her behind.

We're all meeting at 8 for breakfast, so I best skedaddle. Because even with the time change, 8 is still going to feel like 5. Bah.

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