Sunday, May 08, 2005

A Side of Ranch with My Salad Days

More food, more beer, more sleep. I bought my mom some Stargazer Lilies. She says they smell nice.

I'm in a weird mood, which is to say, my mood appears to differ from my normal mood. But then I've never been a good judge of "normal," except to realize, after the fact, that the thing I was doing probably did not fall into the normal category. At least, based entirely on empirical evidence that I've gathered, this is the case.

There were many, many dogs this weekend. You have to do a sort of shuffle-walk to avoid crushing a Chihuahua underfoot, or maybe a Maltese. The floor is a mass of writhing bodies, looping and snapping and shaking and clamoring for attention. I needed more calm than that. And quiet. So I sat at the kitchen table and watched wireless networking get set up, and sipped tap water from a bottle, and listened to the noises that dogs make.

The good news is, I may never be hungry again. Food was not one of my problems this week. Empty calories abounded.

I got summoned for jury duty in a week. Isn't that veird?

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