Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yosemite Bound

I made reservations for the Mountain Room at the Yosemite Lodge. Although I'm fond of the Curry Village buffet, I'm excited that there'll be at least one meal that's not cafeteria-style. I've got nothing against cafeterias, it's just that cafeterias mean crowds. And right now, this moment, I'm heavily anti-crowd. I need to look forward to this dinner, this island of Wine Lists and entrees I can't pronounce. Because the rest of it is going to be crazy. Hello, shower shoes!

The good thing about Yosemite Valley is that whenever I feel crowded, I know I've got the option of just staring at the sky. Or going to the bar, which'll be near my tent cabin.

Silly Amazon delayed my order of Yosemite inspired purchases. Depending on the tides and the curvature of the Earth, I may or may not have the books before the trip. At least REI is on the ball and our sleeping bags and camping chairs inch ever closer, making their way into my hot hands. I highly recommend the REI Outlet site for all your adventure needs. Amazon, not so much. We're getting a couple of backpacker three-season cocoon bags that weigh practically nothing and fold up to the size of a quarter. What a wonderful future we live in. Thank you, NASA. I bet you had something to do with this.

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