Friday, May 06, 2005

Working Title

It's been a long week. A sleep deprived week. I've got the echo of a flu combined with too much beer, and too many doctor's appointments. But it's all done now. We get on the road tomorrow to see Jer's family and do the Mother's Day thing. I'd like to see my family, but there's not enough time.

On Monday I had another ultrasound on my thyroid. Six months ago, they found a tiny nodule in my neck and the doctor wanted to check its growth. Thankfully, it hasn't changed in size so it's not a concern for now. Although I could have done without hearing the word biopsy before 8AM on Monday.

I had my 3 month eye checkup following LASIK, and the doc says my eyes are "nearly perfect." I had "good results." And I can finally rub them again. I survived the 3 month moratorium on eye-rubbing. If only they made a t-shirt that said that, I'd wear it everyday. I'm inordinately proud of getting through the no-eye-rubbing and I want the world to know. Think there's a market?

In a dramatic twist, tonight I plan to fall asleep early, sober -- which is the opposite of what I've BEEN doing. The time to crash and burn is now, baby.

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