Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jer is dropping his parents and sister off at their hotel, so I have a minute to write. It's been a whirlwind few days that involved wandering into a folk life festival, a variety of tourist activities, too much food and drink, and an hour long drive to the bead store.

Which about sums it up. In 12 hours we pick them up again for breakfast and the airport. I keep pushing the Krispy Kreme but after all the other food, I think we'll have to pass.

And it's rained almost their entire visit. We keep telling them it's not normal, and they keep not believing us on account of all the rain. After leaving the Experience Music Project and dawdling at a few more booths at the folk festival, the rain started to pour and all the hippies scattered. Some of them danced barefoot on the sidewalk, but most of them ran for cover. I stood under a tree.

We also went on the Underworld Tour -- the Underground Tour at night with cocktails. I highly recommend walking under the streets of downtown Seattle and the added history lesson bonus makes me love this town even more. Greed, hubris, capitalism, prostitution... all the ingredients of a city I can get behind.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

snap out of it

As I was leaving work last night I was overwhelmed by sleep. It struck me in my office, and followed me into the elevator, and out onto the street. Every step was a monumental effort. Couldn't I please just lie on the sidewalk for awhile? Couldn't I use my purse as a pillow for five minutes? What'd be the harm?

So I called Jer and asked him to pick me up. The bus was so very far away and I didn't want to wake up with my head on a stranger's shoulder. When we got home I slept for three hours.

I think I'm finally all slept out. But there are a thousand little things I need to do and I'm indulging my right not to do them. Maybe coffee will be my magic cure-all. All I know is the grocery store is the last place I want to go. Standing in the too bright aisles, listening to soft rock, and pushing past the elderly and the frazzled housewives. Sounds totally unappetizing.

We are out of everything. I can't even pretend that there's still that last box of pasta, because we ate it last weekend. With olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic seasoning.

Let's give this coffee thing a try. I hear good things.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

list-less or list-full?

There are still a lot of days until payday. About 7.

I'm rereading "Atlas Shrugged."

The cats are shedding. Clumps of fur are everywhere.

My stress ball is shaped like Jack Skellington's skull. It is squishy.

Sometimes I use the wrong words for things and use those words with absolute conviction. Later I feel stupid.

Mixing vodka with sparkling lemonade isn't terrible.

I can juggle.

Taking the water taxi home makes commuting fun. I see fish in the water at the pier. They are small and thin, darting around the wooden posts. The water is bluegreen. When the sun is out, it casts splotches of shadows on the surface. When Mt. Rainier is out, it is always a surprise because hey, there is a volcano over there. With snow on top.

Sometimes I eat lunch at the pier. I buy either the alder smoked salmon or the deep fried scallops and chips.

I don't know what I'll eat for lunch today.

Last year about now I was in Yosemite. Same as the year before. I miss how the valley smelled.

I am not a stellar housekeeper.

I put french fries on my cheeseburger.

My hands are cold.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

fritter-ing away the morning

In some parallel universe/dimension, I'm at home, having called in a Mental Health Day. There's nothing wrong with me that a little coffee and a great big apple fritter won't fix, but I'd still rather be in bed, dreaming. I managed to steal almost a full extra hour of sleep by taking a bus that left only ten minutes later, skipping the gym, and showering fast. And then I bought this here coffee and fritter, which is settling heavy in the pit of my stomach. But it was so gooey. And I was so... I don't know what.

I *am* taking off Thursday and Friday, but it's different when you know all your time is accounted for and the schedule does not include any delicious moments of laziness. No lounging. No wallowing in my own filth. None of the things that make a five-day weekend great.

Listen to me. All day Sunday I watched the "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" marathon. That got big marks for lazy. Sure, there was some half-assed cleaning scattered in like showers, but exertion it wasn't.

I saw an ad in "Scientific American" for Belize. I've never even considered Belize, but maybe its time has come. The quarter page of copy was very convincing anyway.

In honor of our guests I've charged my camera battery and am ready to unleash my artistic vision upon the city. Be warned.

Coffee, please, work now.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

odds and ends

Sometimes I do things. On Saturday, for example, I went to the gym for an hour, sat in my community college class for three hours, and then came home, ate dinner at the crab shack across the street, and watched a double-bill of "eXistenZ," and "Pulp Fiction." Today, however, is reserved for cleaning the apartment. I'm sitting here trying to motivate myself to throw on the iPod and grab a Magic Eraser, or Soft Scrub soaked sponge, or pile of clutter to disembowel.

Motivation is not easily forthcoming. The reward just isn't great enough.

We're also attempting to write an activities' list for entertaining family for three and a half days. I know that's not the primary reason for their visit -- entertainment. I know they want to see their son and how we're living. But when we all get together there's usually a lot of downtime that involves sitting around figuring out what we plan to do with the afternoon. A nice list of possibilities would keep me from having to think too hard. And I'm all about not thinking.

I am excited to see them, by the way. It'll be fun to show off the place and hang out.

My indexing class took an interesting turn yesterday, when one of the students asked about speed reading. Our instructor teaches a different course entirely about speed reading, which he says has helped him immensely over the years and allows him to complete his work faster and more efficiently. Then he offered to sell us the course materials he developed at cost, which is $12. I say, sign me up! I read pretty fast, but damn, I want to read super hero fast. I want the physical act of flipping pages to slow me and my giant brain down, not digesting the text itself. So, you know, stay tuned for trying to teach myself to speed read out of a book. There's an 85% chance that hilarity will ensue.

Friday, May 19, 2006

ten days of catchup! er catsup?

I lost another four pounds, which makes the grand total eight pounds. This is due almost entirely to exercise and a little bit to Apex Fat Burner 1 pills, and maybe a little more to semi-paying attention to what I’m consuming. And by paying attention I mean thinking to myself, damn, that has a lot of calories, and then eating it anyway. Also, switching to gin & tonics and 7 & 7s from pints of cold, delicious beer.

In other words, I’d like to thank the elliptical machine and the television that my fitness center was kind enough to attach to it. And also, my iPod. Without music, life is meaningless.

Let’s see. It’s been awhile. Last Sunday, I drank my coffee with Baileys and rode the water taxi downtown. First, I went to Pike Place Market for the cheese festival, which was packed with people, so I found the wine tent and bought five tastings. After five ounces of wine I was better equipped to handle the crush of people, elbowing their way to the free cheese. I didn’t get to try as many samples as I’d like because I had a ticket to Christopher Durang’s "Miss Witherspoon" at ACT Theatre, and only had about 45 minutes to push through the sea of elbows.

The play was okay. I liked "The Pillowman" better, which was the last show I saw there. However, it was entertaining and worth watching. I am continually impressed by the quality of the shows at ACT Theatre.

My mother sent me a postcard from Greece. It’s her first time outside of North America and I wish I could remember what she wrote exactly. It was something like, "You know how the Acropolis is a city on a hill? No. It’s a mountain and there are lots of steps and they go up and up and it is a long way to the top. By the way, we met your Dad’s relatives. Love..."

Jeremy’s family is coming for a visit next weekend and I’m taking a couple days off so we can entertain.

And yesterday I went on a very long walk all around downtown, from where I work to the International District to Pioneer Square and back. We’ve had incredible weather lately and it was perfect. As nice as any nice day in Santa Barbara.

Happy weekend.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

nudge nudge

Today is not about glamour. I didn't even bother with makeup.

Today is about staying awake until it's time to go to sleep again. Today is about not drinking. Today is about going to the gym at 6:30am after 1/2 price wine bottle night and retroactively wishing I understood the concept of restraint.

On Sunday I rode the water taxi downtown to see a great production of Pippin, was serenaded by a Mariachi band, rode the boat back across the bay, and then drove with Jer to see Regina Spektor at Chop Suey. She's a fantastic singer, but I couldn't get a good glimpse since she was sitting down and all of her fans are either very tall or have huge heads. (Where do I fit in?) I was hit on while standing at the bar attempting to catch the bartender's eye, however the lovely young woman who initiated the hit was not my type at all. I will say that I was flattered.

There was a blonde girl in a jean jacket who ruined the first few songs by pushing in front of me and wedging herself against my side where there was no room to wedge. I responded by clapping enthusiastically at everything, jamming her in the arm while I most assuredly did not budge. (Hey, I arrive two hours early for a spot and I do not budge for you. That's the rule.) She kept flashing me dirty looks over her denim shoulders until she finally grabbed her friend's hand in a huff and pushed deeper into the crowd to stand in front of other people who were not as steadfast in their footing as myself. Or as eager to jab her in the side with their elbows.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I had my first day of indexing class today and I like it. I didn't even notice the three hours pass. It's everything I enjoy about picking words apart and then getting rewarded for being anal.

Two going away parties for co-workers on the calendar. One was yesterday and the other one is Monday. It will be difficult drowning my sorrows in wine, but for them I'll make the sacrifice. Gold star in teamwork for me.

I'd rather not tally how many times this week I've "drowned my sorrows" or why, but let's just say it hasn't been the best seven days. Rest assured however, there has been a definitive upswing in mood negotiations.

Tomorrow I see "Pippin" and then later in the evening, Regina Spektor. If entertainment is what I want, entertainment is what I shall get.

And it's the start of boating season here. As far as I can tell that means people get in boats, float them to the middle of the bay, and then sit in them for awhile. There's not a lot of directional movement attached to boating season. I guess it's enough to establish a perimeter and then drink for the rest of the day.

I think I could really get into this whole boating thing.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Somebody just got pulled over by a motorcycle cop outside my window. I think I might get to see a DUI test.

Consider it live-blogged!

The cop car that was with the motorcycle cop just drove off. They were arguing about what code to call it in as. Or not arguing, just discussing loudly over the sound of traffic. That's why I could hear it. The cops drive Harleys here. How awesome is that.

Damn. They just pulled out of the loading zone, I think it's over. I am no longer at liberty to report on another person's misery. I have confirmation that the cop drove off. I repeat, confirmation has been received.

Be safe, people. And have a happy tomorrow.