Saturday, May 10, 2008

7 Days Until My First Show!

I had high hopes for the day -- setting up my booth in the backyard for one final test -- but it's cold and gray and drizzly, and that sounds like the worst plan ever. Instead I woke up at 6am, and hopped on the computer. I sent out a few e-mails to local friends who might not read the blog or know that next week is my first festival. Then I posted a bulletin to my MySpace friends about the show schedule. (If I missed you, I might not have your e-mail address. Sorry!)

You can "friend" me here if you like and receive future bulletins: On Focus Photo on

I got home from work last night and Jer was making bookmarks. How awesome is that?

I spent the last couple of evenings framing 14 matted prints I'll be using to decorate the booth. The first night I watched a documentary on East German teenage girls being involuntarily doped for the Olympics. My nightmares were strange.

There are still some tasks I need to complete before next Saturday. I need to buy 160 pounds of sand. And some s hooks and some c clamps. Possibly a director's chair, since I only have the one. Um. And probably figure out how I'm going to transport everything I need to transport.

My brain pretty much doesn't stop spinning now. I hope I don't blue screen.

Exciting times!

Show Reminder:

SHOW: University District StreetFair

WHAT/WHY: Visit my booth "On Focus Photo" where I'll be selling matted prints, bookmarks, and note cards

WHEN: Saturday, May 17 (10am to 7pm) and Sunday, May 18 (10am to 6pm)

WHERE: Located in the heart of the University District on University Way NE; Seattle, WA


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