Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Odd Dreams

I've been having these odd, vivid dreams that leave my brain stuck between floors. This morning there were a couple. In one, Jer and I were looking for a place to live and we were interviewing our potential roommates. There was a chance we'd have this room the size of a football field, with actual grass underfoot, and a frosted plastic ceiling. So much light. Like camping in your bedroom.

I remember standing in the kitchen and wondering where my stuff would go. They said something like, we don't really need anything. So I started worrying if I could put all my stuff in storage and if I could deal with that. I followed the girl around, whose room we might have, and helped her dice the vegetables for dinner. The floor plan was open, like part of a large hotel, people wandering between rooms and halls, out to courtyards.

I often have dreams of a community-type-hotel plan. Everything indoors and convenient. Just take the escalator to the mall level.

If the rooms were sound-proofed, I wouldn't mind living there now.

Yesterday's dream was about my Dad. One of his friends was trying to cheat him out of a coin. It was very odd. Very real. I knew the friend from years ago. As with most of my "home" dreams, they always take place in the house I grew up. I haven't been inside in 16 years.

Since I wake in the middle of these dreams, I never completely surface. I'm just stuck.

I had some bad news about a juried contest I entered -- neither of my prints were accepted. But, you know, I've had lots of luck lately and I'm sure the competition was pretty fierce, so that's that. Better than cutting register tape out of a mailbox, I'll tell ya what.

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