Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fun with Credit

I decided today was the day. Today I would learn how to use my wireless credit card terminal. I arose at 5:30am, bleary-eyed and zombie-like, hair in disarray, stumbling over cats -- so a typical morning. I fed the felines and showered -- forgot my towel which is always a comedy of cold -- and managed to dress myself in clothes that mostly match. Then I sat on the couch with my precious machine, and dialed the training line. At 6:30am.

For the next 40 minutes, I went through all of its functions I could remember to ask about. I re-learned how to make a sale, void a transaction, refund, print batch reports, force a transaction, and settle.

Just like riding a bicycle. If the bicycle was made out of paperwork.

Then I realized I never received my welcome kit from the other processor so I don't have the right support numbers. Not a big deal. I remembered to call them and request another kit, which they offered to overnight. Sort of a pain since most of their IVR paths were designed never to connect you with a human, but I persevered and the human I reached was very helpful. All this while I ate my reward breakfast at McDonald's, after a pleasant water taxi trip across the bay.

There's no real reason I kept putting this off. Mostly I just didn't want to wake up earlier than normal, but I'm glad it's done. I will be able to accept credit and debit cards in a week and a half, and that is super dandy.

In other news, I sure do hope this McDonald's coffee kicks in soon.

And here is your first invitation: Please come see me on Saturday and Sunday, May 17-18 in my On Focus Photo booth at the University StreetFair. I will be in spot 431, which you can see here: StreetFair Map. I have a premium space near the Big Time Brewery Beer Garden, so you can come visit me AND have a beverage. Also, the elusive husband Jeremy will be in attendance, so you can put faces with names if you're into that sort of thing.

Oooh, and I will be wearing a "waist pack!" Like a fanny pack but totally for grown-up, fashion-forward individuals, who are confident in their ability to pull off the bulky look. Go me!

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