Sunday, August 09, 2009

Premature nostalgia

Our new front door

Seems like I should keep track of what's happening right now, since you only move into your first house once. Or your second or third house once, for that matter.

Life is full of arbitrary technical firsts.

We visited the seller at noon yesterday. We walked through and read the water and electric meters. He showed us the garage door openers and gave us our State Farm mail which has been piling up. Asking them to send mail to our current address was accepted and ignored. There's been about 8 envelopes so far...

In the evening we went to a housewarming party for friends. They have a delightful, charming home close to where we've been living. It was sort of like, HI, welcome to the neighborhood, see ya later!

It's been very interesting to see all the different types of Seattle homes during this process. It's been fun to dream.

Future home of my library - we bought all the furniture from the seller in this picture

Work has been pretty stressful lately, on top of the normal house stuff. I'm hoping it tapers off next week.

Movers come next Saturday. I suppose these material possessions that own me won't pack themselves.


Maya said...

Wow, it's BEOOOTIFUL. Luck you!

Christy said...

Thanks, Maya. I know; we are super super lucky. I won't really believe it until we finally move in.

Lily said...

That's amazing! I am so excited for you guys!