Sunday, March 20, 2005

Adventures with Ebay

I don't know how these ebay power sellers do it. I guess it simplifies when you've got a system. With procrastination built-in, the whole thing took me about 8 hours to post one item. This isn't a "boo-hoo," "pity me" admission. It's written in the spirit of amazement and wonder. 8 hours? How does it take you 8 hours, it's not that hard? Well, it started with using the point-and-click digital camera and a tripod to get representative pictures of my items. Pictures that were free of lens flare, catch light, or the helpful kitten's tail. Then I loaded the pictures into Photoshop, chose the best ones, resized them, stroked them, and uploaded them to photobucket (which I had to discover first.) Then I packaged up the items and took the boxes to the post office to weigh them. Then I designed a web page for each item. (I've only posted the camera, but the flash will be up soon.) Then I navigated the choppy and many-queried waters of the ebay ocean, checking and unchecking, and racking up vague fees.

I haven't sold anything on ebay in a couple of years. I always preferred where I could set my low price and let it to sit to infinity sans stress. I'm sure it'll go smoother next time, now that my preferences have been cached for all-time. And mixed up in the procrastination, I wrote another 3 pages of my play, bringing the final submitted count up to 11. Smack dab close to my weekly target.

I truly deserve to spend my Sunday playing World of Warcraft. It's time to get some face time with my Dwarf Paladin. She's been feeling the ass end of neglect lately.

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