Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Like $240 worth of pudding but not at all

I just received the shipping notification for my order of five bookcases. Each unit ships in two boxes and the total weight for everything is 740 pounds. Since I bought from during a promotion, shipping was only $1.00.

Dude. 740 pounds! On its way to me right now!

What have I done.

And more importantly, where am I going to put it all?


KermitFan said...

"And more importantly, where am I going to put it all?" -- Uhhh, in your super-cool new house.... :-)

Christy said...

Except we don't move in for two more weeks... I should probably just make this an entry but the boxes were too big for the elevator so UPS left them in the condo lobby and we had to do some quick thinking. Luckily we have an outdoor storage space that's pretty tall so we stacked 5 of the 10 boxes in there. Fun times!