Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year -- Housekeeping Edition

Jer and I hung new pewter blackout curtains in the family/TV room yesterday and it's amazing how much cozier it is now -- not to mention easier to see the TV screen. We still need to find a home for the pub table and get rid of the kitchen table and couch, but the room is slowly coming together.

The curtains came from -- my favorite bargain site -- and the curtain rods came from Target's site. Inexpensive and nice looking, you can't beat that.

Now that we've met our house goal I've been talking Jer's ear off about what's next. We will probably consolidate down to one car since I take the bus to work. My car turns 12 this year and Jer's is 9 so we're about due for a replacement. I'm trying to find a good balance between contributing to an emergency fund, car fund, house maintenance fund, and prepaying the mortgage. The answer is always: it depends.

I really want to travel this year. Maybe I will quit being so responsible and save save save for that. The problem with wanting to go everywhere is it can be very hard to narrow down a specific destination.

Most people come up with philosophical resolutions. My resolutions tend to revolve around my savings accounts.


Lily said...

I can't believe Jer's car is 9, I remember when he bought it. You can travel to me this year. And it looks like I'm going on a cruise to Alaska in 2012 if you want to come. It's not too expensive.

Christy said...

Alaska in 2012, eh? Yes, I am interested!