Friday, January 08, 2010

My Procedure

I greeted 2010 with a trip to the laser chair at my dermatologist's office.

Without much preamble I laid back, donned a pair of blacked out goggles, and allowed my doctor to repeatedly shock my face with laser beams. This particular treatment was focused on the bridge of my nose, but also included bits around my mouth, a couple of zaps inside the nostril opening and where my nose meets my face -- I am unclear on the technical name of that location.

It smelled a little, stung a little, a cooling agent was involved, and the flashes of light were very bright. Other than that, no problemo.

I had this done to remove some discoloration caused by broken blood vessels. The bridge of my nose has had this forever and I figured, hey, why not see what lasers can do for me? They already fixed my eyes once. Then my doctor noticed a few other spots as well and I said, heck, go to town!

So for the next two weeks I will look like I've been beaten up or badly burned. But then, in theory, all better. In the mean time, I think I should explore how best to use my odd appearance to mess with people.

Like they say, when life zaps you in the face with laser beams, you should try to get free stuff and... something something lemonade.

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