Sunday, January 10, 2010

Worst War Paint Ever

I've been in hiding. As mentioned previously, my face boasts several dark purple bruises in a bizarre, clearly man-made configuration. Jer says they are getting lighter, but I don't see it. One of the vague instructions I was left with was to stay out of the sun and/or wear sunscreen. So even though the weather has been unseasonably warm around 50 degrees, I've been locked up inside, making a pot roast, baking a cake...

Vanity, tsk tsk.

We put together our newly acquired fabric wall art kit and hung it in the dining area on Saturday. If you follow that link I chose the Lumimarja Triple in Silver. I think it looks pretty neat against the gray green wall.

On Friday night, Jer and I ate dinner at Naked City Taphouse in Greenwood. Their smoked porter was tasty, my meal was okay, and service was pretty slow. The highlight was seeing one of my favorite local artists featured on their walls: James Taylor. I own quite a few copies of his artwork and got a chance to meet him at West Seattle Summerfest in 2008. (I was selling my own prints as On Focus Photo). Nice guy. Cool art.

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