Monday, January 04, 2010

Suggestions for hanging fabric/textile?

My sister gave me a beautiful table runner and several placemats from her travels and I want to hang them in a unique way. Do you have any framing or hanging suggestions?

I was looking at things like securing each piece to the wall with Velcro or using molding or a wood frame to secure them against the wall. Maybe a shadow box but I think that'd be too deep. The pieces are sheer and hand beaded. Have you done something like this or have you seen cool design examples? It'd be great if you could share. Thank you!


KikiRiki said...

We have several quilts that we hang on the walls. What we do is we purchase a piece of dowel and cut it to match the width. Then use some thread or a piece of fabric to secure the dowel to the back of the quilt. A couple of small nails and you have a wall hanging.

Christy said...

I thought about a dowel but the pieces aren't that big and they're pretty flimsy with all the beading. If a cat jumps up to investigate it could be all over. Have you had any trouble with Ares being curious?