Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Over there, look it

I've gotten some great feedback on the textile issue. Thanks! I haven't decided on a method yet, but I am now leaning towards hanging from rings more than ever before. Or maybe I will nail gun it to the wall. Sideways. And say it's modern.

You can't pin me down.

Unless *you* have a nail gun.

As a result of my highly developed web research skillz, I also discovered this Textile Arts site and decided to buy a kit for a 3-piece wall hanging. For those playing the home game, I chose the Lumimarja Triple kit, in silver.

Yes, discerning readers may note this purchase had nothing to do with my original purpose, but um, LOOK OVER THERE.

Hopefully it won't overwhelm the space. With its grayness. And if it does, well, LOOK OVER THERE.

So there's that.


Dan said...

I like coming here because there's always mirth.

Christy said...

Oh! May I please use that quote in my promotional materials? ;)

Dan said...

Sure, no problem.