Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Scotch in the Sky

Someday I will own a phone that snaps pictures. In that glorious future I will provide you with impromptu illustrated entries of all my amazing adventures.

Today is not that day. Today we will use the pictures of the mind.

On Monday I finally walked around Green Lake. Why is that a big deal? Because I've been thinking about it since December. It helped that the weather was beautiful and I'd just purchased a deeply discounted Helly Hansen long-sleeved moisture wicking shirt at TJ Maxx. You know, to make me feel the part.

Who has two thumbs and likes to pretend she's an athlete?

Me. I thought you'd guess that. It was easy.

On Tuesday, the day formerly known as yesterday, I got all gussied up, took the bus downtown, met Jer, and we ate dinner at the excellent Buenos Aires Grill in honor of Restaurant Week. I had the beef empanada, skirt steak, and chocolate cheesecake. It was perfect. I asked our server for a Malbec recommendation (red wine) and he supplied us with a couple of really wonderful glasses. I stuck with the one glass because...

From 2nd and Virginia, we drove to 5th and Columbia and entered Columbia Tower. To get to the 75th floor and partake in the Columbia Tower Club, one must ride an elevator to the lobby, one to the 40th floor, and another to the "Members Only" floor.

All this is to say, last night Glenfiddich sponsored a "Cask of Dreams" event, to promote pioneering spirit, their "one day you will" campaign, and their excellent single malts. We debarked the elevator, signed model releases, and then were free to enjoy the bird's eye views of downtown Seattle, free cocktails, small bites, and Scotch samples (Glenfiddich 12, 15, and 18 year, carried around on a silver tray).

The room was packed with mingling, dram drinking, Scotch appreciating connoisseurs. A short speech was made by the sponsor, and then a cask was rolled into the center of the room and placed on a short pedestal. Guests were handed Sharpies and asked to write their dream on the cask. I wrote, "One day I will drink Scotch in Scotland!"

For the record, dreams are not at all like wishes. If I tell you my dream, it can still come true, unlike those unreliable, wishy-washy wishes.

I believe there's still time to register your dream at and enter to win a prize.

This time I chose to share a relatively safe dream because I'm fairly certain I can achieve it. All I covet is a gentleman's dram quaffed in the whisky soaked burgh of Dufftown.

Ever notice how just one letter separates dram and dream? Ah, synchronicity.

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