Monday, April 04, 2011

Weight Loss Mesa

The internet has a lot more "how to" exercise clips than the last time I looked. I ended up watching a 3 minute video on arm toning, tried a couple of the exercises, and now my anterior deltoids are totally slamming!

By slamming I mean sore.

Having recently started back at the gym, it's been frustrating to look at the scale. Last week I mentioned I was hoping to lose a pound; I didn't. This is precisely why you're not supposed to focus on the number on the scale, you're supposed to focus on your measurements - how your clothes fit.

After two weeks of tracking everyday and going to the gym, the scale was up a half pound and I'm down a pants size.

At the WW meeting I picked up a pamphlet on weight loss plateaus. On the back page it mentioned (the possibility) that resistance training might build muscle at the same time you lose fat and cause a plateau. But the sentence was worded so it sounded like a remote chance.

Every single time this happens to me. I hit this weight and stay there until I get bored and gain. The difference this time is I have the support and weekly reminder that I'm a part of Weight Watchers.

If I go back and look at my food log, it's true I wasn't an angel. However I had enough points for all the "bad" choices. Unfortunately that doesn't wrench you from a plateau. (I prefer the word mesa since I grew up on one.)

So until the scale catches up to my body I'll have to be a bit more strict. That means no booze or very little booze, and not using all my activity points.

Stupid anterior deltoids causing trouble.

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