Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seahorses grab things with their tails

Today would have been a good day to bring my camera. The sky was blue, the sun high in that same blue sky, and the clouds fluffy and generous. I met Jer for lunch at a downtown van (Tom Waits's lesser known opus) and we ate our Spam Sliders overlooking the Sculpture Park.

At 1:20pm, I waved goodbye to Jer and left for the aquarium, where I needed to use my Groupon by tomorrow. So I did.

Have you ever just... stared at a seahorse? Like, really stared? Dude, they're weird.

So I eye-devoured the seahorse and the ghost jellyfish, I touched a starfish and an anemone (gently and with one finger). Then I gawked at a giant octopus, some otters, a seal, relaxed in an underwater dome, and enjoyed the heck out of a golden tufted puffin.

Eventually I was home again -- because you can't stare at seahorses forever -- and I mowed, seeded, and fertilized the lawn. I also strapped spiky shoes to my feet and walked around to (half-assedly) aerate it. I fell over far fewer times this year than last year.

Due to my lack of injuries (knock on wood) and my ceremonial leaving of the house, I dub today a success.

This is post 1501.


GreenDragon said...

Spam Sliders? Those sound...not tasty at all. Ick.

And I love the aquarium. Seriously love the aquarium. I need to go back!

Christy said...

They were actually pretty good, definitely worth trying. I also had a spicy pork taco. (It was the Marination Mobile http://marinationmobile.com/).

It was my first visit back to the aquarium since Jer and I visited Seattle as tourists in 2003. It's changed a little!