Monday, April 11, 2011

Goings on and new adventures

Since the last post I:
  • Watched "Fan Boys," "Somewhere in Time," a remake of "The Fog," "Top Gear," and caught up on season 3 of "Fringe." (Could "Fringe" be any better? Wow.)
  • Registered for two writing classes through the continuing education program at Bellevue Community College. The first one starts this week.
  • Ate a fantastic meal at "Stumbling Goat Bar and Bistro," for Seattle Restaurant Week, 3 courses for $28. I had the Duck Liver Terrine, Winter Truffle Risotto, and Carrot Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake and some incredible cocktails.
  • Went for a walk with Jer at Matthews Beach. The outer paths were muddy, we saw a Woodpecker knocking his beak against a lightpost, and the lake water was clear to the bottom.
  • Drank with friends at Liberty Bar in Capitol Hill. (This happened before the last post but still deserves a mention. Excellent and inventive cocktails, some involving fire.)
  • Mowed the lawn.
  • Yelled at the cats to quit sharpening their claws on the furniture. Times a billion.
  • Wrote a bulleted list. Hi.
This week's schedule promises adventure, mostly because it promises leaving the house. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow night we'll be attending the Seattle Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams event and eating another fancy dinner as part of Restaurant Week.

I've made an effort to schedule events this month because -- as I think I've mentioned -- it's our 11 year anniversary. And I will use any excuse to spread out a good celebration.

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