Friday, April 01, 2011

Clean slate

Today is the first day of April; this blows my mind. What the heck did I do in March?

I filed our taxes. And... the other 741 hours?

I received more rejections. I stopped caring about Weight Watchers and then started again. I caught up on "The Biggest Loser." Cut coupons, grocery shopped, socialized, made vague pronouncements about maybe someday soon looking for work possibly, bought new pants, redeemed enough box codes to get a free Lean Cuisine lunch bag (finally!) ...

Important, goal-driven type stuff.

Okay so I did manage to close my old bank account and open accounts with a credit union. I also rolled my 401(k) over to Vanguard. And I already mentioned the taxes.

So to sum up, in all areas unrelated to personal finance, March was a big fat fail.

It's a new month. Clean slate. What do I want to accomplish?

  • Stick with WW.
  • Write. Finish. Submit. (Complete first draft of writing project, add 10,000 words to longer story word count, write a ten-minute play)
  • Make money. (Amount privately defined)

Nice and easy. All you have to do is shut up and do it, you big baby.

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