Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Memory Lane Fever

Since the last entry was so well received, I thought I'd keep it going. You know, in honor of 7 years. And soon -- only 9 to go after this one -- 1500 posts here. Again, this is all content from previous blog incarnations.

A few of you -- specifically young women I've reconnected with on Facebook -- might recognize the following picture. This is me around first or second grade participating in a Girl Scout ritual. If you're not familiar with Girl Scouts, it is a lot like the Masons -- a (not so) secret society of friendship-bracelet-weaving, A-frame-building, cow-pattie-camping aficionados. Once a Brownie, always a Brownie. Peace.

Next, I'm a princess. My mom made the costume. My grandmother is next to me. It's fair to say I'm adorable.

Skipping over the awkward years (again), here is me at my first career job (desktop support, server support, webmaster, publications specialist, snazzy dresser). I am stunning in a green oversized UCSB sweatshirt, large glasses, dyed hair, and that patented scowl. Raawrrr!

And here's a picture taken (via self-timer) of that one or two times Jer and I played racquetball. After one of these sessions, we started hanging out. Our "hang out" experiment has lasted 11 years, as of next month.

It's safe to say I haven't changed all that much over the years. Take New Year's Eve 1999, for example. I wrote:

My very public list of Resolutions (December 22, 1999)
  1. Maintain emotional equilibrium (Breathe more)
  2. Practice random acts of exercise
  3. Finish a play this year
  4. Submit that play somewhere
  5. Take the GRE's
  6. Get my passport
  7. Cook one meal a week (start small)
  8. Try to do things that scare me as often as possible

I did take the GREs. Twice. Then I opted not to attend graduate school, for reasons that were unrelated to my scores. I did get a passport shortly after I wrote that list, and finally took that long awaited trip to Europe last year. The remaining items are still applicable and represent my framework for approaching life. The only missing item is probably finances.

This list was written by a pre-personal-finance-obsessed Christy. Ah, innocence.

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