Thursday, March 03, 2011

Musical Chairs, Finance Version

I'd like nothing more than to be loyal to a bank. Why, then, do banks make it so hard for me to be loyal?

I'm in the process of switching from a big bank to a credit union because the big bank is now charging $15 per month. I'll even do the math for you. $180 per year for one account. Separate charges for different accounts -- I have 3 accounts with them, including business and personal. The new fees are more than I pay for the gym annually.

True, it's their prerogative to charge me. And it's mine to say... so long. Which is to say, these changes just went into effect this month so you might want to check your statement -- especially if you're not set up for direct deposit.


Karen said...

I freakin' hate the fees that big banks charge. I had a charge card with my credit union for years before I finally moved my checking and savings over to them, as well, a year or two ago. Said goodbye to the big bank and never looked back. The credit union does everythign the big bank did, except better, and they either wave or don't charge the fees that the big bank gleefully ripped from my account balance with alarming frequency. I love my credit union!

Karen said...

Oops. Waive, not wave. /sigh/

Christy said...

Both waive and wave work there, I think. :)

I totally agree with you. When I lived in Santa Barbara I had accounts with a credit union, but I thought I'd switch to the big bank when I moved to Seattle for the increased ATM access. I'll miss the ATMs but I'll live.