Saturday, March 19, 2011

I heart you, beef brisket

Last night Jer and I ate dinner at Rainin' Ribs in Lake Forest Park and it was amazing. I mentioned it almost a year ago here, in the March 28 entry, and it was good but not great then. They'd just opened when we ate there... but last night?

Best beef brisket I've ever had. I ordered the sandwich, and the bun was so good and soft and fresh baked. I want it again now, please.

And yes, I tracked the Weight Watcher points.

After dinner we stopped by Third Place Commons. We've driven by many times and never gone in. From the outside it looks like a strip mall (stores just open to the street) so I didn't expect much. Then you go inside and realize it's also an indoor mall, on the smallish side. Up the escalators is a surprise food court, surprise meeting rooms, and a surprise stage. There's a bookstore, Third Place Books, which is sort of out in the open, without walls, edging up to the food court seats. The place was packed with people and very cool. At the back of the bookstore they were even having an author's reading. So neat.

I love it when surprises are the good kind.


AZGypsie said...

That's sounds like a place I would love! And you did good.

Christy said...

I didn't want to talk about it too much in case I messed it up, but I also had a good loss this week. I'm down 23 pounds total now, yay!