Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maybe I Should've Stuck with Alchemy

This morning we had to measure Jer's sleeve length for a shirt. So he held his arm out straight and we used a heavy duty measuring tape. Low 20's it read.

The options started at 33 inches.

"Huh. Maybe you should Google it?" I said.

After a few minutes Jer says, "Oh, you have to bend your arm like this, then measure from the base of the neck through the wrist."

We did it that way and the measurement made more sense. Now it was in the 30s.

"Can you imagine someone with a real sleeve length of 23 or whatever? It'd be like working with a T-Rex."

This was followed by multiple T-Rex impressions -- the T-Rex showing up at business meetings, presenting the PowerPoint...

Then we had to measure Jer's neck for the shirt. At first we tried the heavy duty measuring tape, but that wasn't too flexible. Luckily, before Jer strangled himself, he thought of using a string to wrap around his neck, and then measuring the string.

I may have leveled up tailoring as a secondary skill in WoW, but that sure hasn't translated to real life. Ba-dum-dum.

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