Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Rambling Rosie

I spent most of the morning writing in my notebook about whatever came to mind. I don't do that nearly enough -- just letting myself ramble. I always try to box the words into a form and then -- not surprisingly -- get blocked. Bah. Later I printed tax forms and made a list of all the documents I'll need to file my taxes. (2010 was a paper hungry year!) Thank goodness I moved the printer into my office so I don't have to keep running down the hallway every 5 minutes.

Then I called the credit union to see why my online application was stalled. It's all worked out now, so soon I can close old accounts with the big bank and end the fee gouging. This is good. I hate moving money around unless it's absolutely necessary.

Life isn't all that newsworthy right now. Been spending more time than usual in my head with not a lot to show for it. I'm thinking I should start applying for jobs, but I don't have a clear timeline worked out. Just seems like I probably should, mostly because it would be an easy out. Writing is hard. Getting paid regularly is not so hard. The truth is I don't have any idea what I'm doing.

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