Thursday, March 10, 2011

Part-Time Hermit

I should leave the house more often. Last night (Wednesday) was the first time out since Saturday. It was really weird out there. Like, bright, but rainy. How do you even stand it?

Driving to the transit station meant listening to the radio, and that was weird too. The songs were all really loud. And every one of them was Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." Finally I found a classical station and for the first time in my life settled on that.

Orchestras are cool again! Loneliness has eaten my brain!

Well, not loneliness. I don't feel lonely. Just like I'm in a fog. The bus station didn't help. I had the pleasure of eavesdropping on a guy -- long blonde hair, hoodie, manic-looking -- talking on his cell phone about wishing somebody was dead. But it didn't stop there. He wished every person that dude loved would die, that he would lose a kidney, that someone would skin the dude alive. And there are a lot lowlifes in Seattle who would do that too, man.

I put on my public commuter, angry face and avoided eye contact.

So then I arrived at the downtown bus tunnel and ascended to street level. I realized I was reliving my old commute for my old job of 2 years. Not much has changed along that path. A bar was closed for remodeling, a Pho restaurant had moved into the spot where Marcus' Martini Heaven used to be, whatev. Time marches on and all that.

Thus ends the story of my downtown adventure. I met some friends, had a few beers, and on the way home it rained a lot.

As an aside, I haven't been to Weight Watchers in a few weeks. I'm debating about going back tomorrow. But, you know, then I'd have to go out there again, out where the wind can touch me.


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