Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lawn tending makes me growly

Dear Dog Owner who Keeps Leaving Their Dog's Crap on the Lawn I am Diligently Trying to Reseed and Reestablish:

You are a jerk. I would tell you in person except I suspect you only allow your dog to stealth-crap in the dead of night. You are the worst kind of ninja.

I strongly disagree with your pet ownership methods and am trying hard not to wish bad things upon you. But sir/madam, you strain the limits of compassion. Clean up your own damn mess.

- Me


KermitFan said...

Here here! I would love to send the same note to the dog owners in our neighborhood. Especially the one who lets their dog out to roam the neighborhood all day... Argh!

Christy said...

Thanks, KermitFan. :)

Ugh, why would someone let their dogs roam free all day? That just seems like all kinds of dangerous.

Matt said...

We have a neighbor that used to do that as well, or ALLOWED the dog to. Someone saved it up last year - not me, I swear, I didn't know till after - and deposited a weeks weeks worth of lawn gifts on the offenders BBQ grill with a note about poor manners. Haven't seen the dog walked on our street since.

Christy said...

Matt, that story is... wow. Just wow. It made me laugh, but I sure hope I never do anything to piss off your neighbors.