Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hello Prufrock, meet Dune

After this moment, I will not think of you ever again. But you, I'm certain, will think about me everyday for the rest of your life.
from the movie Ever After
I join an elite cadre of sentimental bloggers by using this quote. Eight and counting. For the record.

It's not entirely true though. I wish it were, but I haven't yet risen above my animal instincts, my uncivilized nature. What I mean to say is this: the gom jabbar would kill me, kill me dead ... No, I am not the Kwisatz Haderach, nor was meant to be ...

I plan to see the film "Closer" this weekend. And maybe write something. That's as far as plans go. BF flies the coop tomorrow and I'll be entertaining myself for the next 3 days. Last time he left I spent the entire weekend eating chocolate cake and drinking soda. When he finally got home I could only pat my belly and moan. I'd managed to forget the extreme subtleties of the English language. My speech consisted of long and short grunts punctuated by the beating of my chest with alternating hands, hurling feces for emphasis. Pray he comes home soon.

No Monday off for me, not for the private sector. I'll be hammering away at the ol' cubby-hole, eating my bagel and dreaming of natural light. You sleep in nice and late for me, okay? Do that for me, and I won't stick anymore pins in your voodoo doll. Deal?

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