Saturday, January 15, 2005

Too Wired to Sleep

I just called the cops on my neighbors. I've never done that before.

It started with a dog barking.

I'd been playing video games with the headphones on, so who knows how long the dog had been barking. I tried to rationalize it. Sure, the dog got spooked. Dogs bark. Then the dog was running loose and the man was chasing it shouting curse words and the woman was crying and moaning and then the woman started screaming and the man screamed back and the dog kept barking and I looked at the clock and whoa, it's after midnight.

I heard the man yell, "I'm all fucked up Angela. Let me in."

I held my cat and thought about what I should do. And I thought about Kitty Genovese, because I was a good psych major and that's what former psych majors think about it when they hear a woman screaming. Especially when that former psych major is holding a kitten.

So I called the cops. I gave them my information and told them that I thought there was some sort of domestic disturbance going on. What's strange is that the apartment where I thought it was happening has been unoccupied for months. I felt bad about calling. I know I shouldn't feel bad, but it's like describing it to you now, it's someone else's business. I shouldn't butt in.

The woman is doing her best, "Don't take him I love him" routine, asking him if he has his keys and telling the cops not to hurt him, and kicking things around. I think they're escorting the guy away now. I know one of them hurt the dog. I know that much. That's why the dog was barking. He was in pain.

Part of me still thinks I shouldn't have called the cops, even after all the banging and wailing and two-people-killing-each-other noises. Part of me wishes I hadn't gotten involved. (That part needs to go away now and let the grown-ups talk because I'd call again in a heartbeat.) I feel like I should have walked over and asked them in person to calm down. But then I remember, hey, super lady you're not. They were violent and (from the sounds of it) on something. This is me justifying what I consider to be a personal failing: my inability to become a proper vigilante. Watching Kill Bill does not an ass kicker make.

All this on BF's first night away. What wonders/horrors can I look forward to tomorrow night?

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