Friday, January 07, 2005

No Content, No Problem!

I spent the last three hours shuffling through medical bills and Explanation-of-Benefits, creating an exceedingly organized spreadsheet to figure out how much I owe the doctors post-insurance. I managed to whittle down a $1000 bill to $85.72, because lo, these hands are full of magic... not to be confused with magic fingers, which are something else entirely.

Tragedy (and eXtreme weather) struck the director of my play and he's now snowed in at his home in the mountains. This means he'll miss auditions for the play he's directing -- again, that's MY play -- tomorrow. However. He says he has faith in me (cough, cough, sucker) so I'll take his place temporarily and cast my own play. Which means I wasted my whole night cross-referencing medical charges and tomorrow I'll waste my whole day being stressed about my play. I was sorta hoping I could ride on his coat-tails and never make another play-related decision again. But dear, sweet Mother Nature had other plans. His truck is currently cemented into his driveway.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion... Man versus Nature, the eternal conflict live and in technicolor!

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