Sunday, January 09, 2005


I refuse to accept that the weekend is over. There must be some mistake. I insist there be a recount.

I began the day at 3:30am with a cat lying on my head and then pushing all my books to the floor, one by one. I may have punched the cat then, but don't tell the ASPCA. I'll only just deny it. At some point (after 9am), I decided it'd be a good idea to go to the gym. I experienced the treadmill and the stairmaster, the stationary bike and various weight shifting metal plate machines. Then I went to callbacks, then I went to a casting meeting, then I went to see k.d. lang in concert. Now I'm going to bed, but first--we interrupt this program to bring you... complete and utter nonsense.

I cast two extremely capable and exciting actors in my play this afternoon. My director was stuck beyond the veil of rain and I forged ahead with help from the Producer. My director drove part-way here and then got turned around by cops. Flash flood warnings or something.

Callbacks are hard. Directing is hard. Fighting for actors to be in your play is hard. I don't think I'll do it anymore. Just give me my Final Draft and a stable operating system and let me alone. This real world shit is too depressing.

But seriously, my play is going to be even better than I thought it could be. These guys are really good.

Speaking of good, I am in love with k.d. lang's voice. But... how do I break the news to BF? Oh I know. Limericks. Everybody loves a good dear-John limerick. If I weren't so freakin' tired I'd write it now. But alas, our relationship is saved (yet again) by my lack of discipline and imminent exhaustion.

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