Saturday, January 22, 2005

Post-Mountain Glow

After four previous attempts -- where we didn't so much as quit as "postpone the inevitable" -- BF and I, today, completed our goal of reaching Inspiration Point. It's not a long hike, only about 3.5 miles, but it's up and then it's down and not a lot of flat ground in between. The only reason we succeeded today and not before is that I've spent an hour everyday at the gym for the last two weeks. I'm not saying you'd notice a difference if you saw me on the street, but my heart has stopped bursting out my chest if I go up a flight of stairs. That counts as an upgrade.

In other news I stepped firmly into adulthood by buying a belt. Saggy pants are so last year.

Tomorrow is a photo call for the ShePlays playwrights. A reminder: my play opens February 11 in Santa Barbara, CA. Information is on the theater's website, available here.

I'm off to put my feet up and let my brain rot. Happy weekend.

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