Friday, August 15, 2008

Art at Marymoor Park starts today at noon

... and goes until 6pm. Jer picked me up at noon yesterday and we went out to Redmond to set up the booth. It was warm, which wouldn't have been so bad but we forgot to add a critical piece and after putting the booth almost all the way together, had to tear it mostly down to add that silly joint. You'd think we'd have it straight by now (I blame the lack of sleep.)

Also, Google directions lied to me, and told me an inconvenient way to get to the park. It's really simple, take the 520 and get off at W Lake Sammammish Pkwy and it's right there, but Google had me get off an exit earlier and take side streets. Normally I like to explore, but not when I'm using my lunch hour to set up a tent in the sun.

I'm actually pretty excited to be in a show where there are over 100 other artists. We are like a band of gypsies in a field selling our wares. Marymoor Park is a very pretty park, with a beautiful weekend looming. Hopefully we'll get some people out there today.

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KikiRiki said...

Good luck! Doesn't look like I'll be able to make it out for your last show. :( Hope it is the best one yet!