Thursday, August 28, 2008

I found this recipe for an "adult" Root Beer Float and knew I had to try it. Root Beer Floats always conjure happy memories of sitting at the mall with my dad, people watching, trying to figure out everybody's story. A good Root Beer Float on a hot day is magic.

I already had the heavy cream left over from making mac-n-cheese last weekend, vodka in the freezer, and so all I needed was Galliano and fancy root beer.

Yesterday I braved the state run liquor store to find Galliano. I had no idea what it looked like or what type of alcohol it was, but that's what's called adventure, my friends. Found it in "Liqueurs." It's a product of Holland, by the way, yellow in color and smells like licorice.

Today at lunch I took a bus up to the fancy deli/grocery at Pike Place Market and bought 4 different kinds of fancy root beer: Baumeister, Dad's Classic Draft, Henry Weindhard's, and Hank's.

I chose by selecting half of the ones they had for sale and then buying them. Very scientific.

Root Beer Float Labor Day weekend, here we come! I will let you know how it turns out.

Also I watched this happen this morning. Yeah. Last Saturday I narrowly avoid getting stuck on the Monorail. And today I see the Elliott Bay Water Taxi, they use "bump" but I would say "crash," into the dock and knock a piling loose. Good morning!


Lily said...

I'm not too sure about the Galliano in a root beer float, but since you already have the vodka and Galliano, you can make the Harvey Wallbanger cake which is awesome.

Maya said...

Well, it may currently have a Dutch distributor, however, it is an Italian liquor. I know this because when I was 16, I had to smuggle a bottle of it home to my parents at the insistance of the woman that i was staying with in Rome. I couldn't convince her that I wasn't old enough to be bringing the stuff into the States, so had to do some finagling at the airport. Luckily security wasn't at all like it is now!

Christy said...

Lily, I do not think I know this cake recipe of which you speak. I must learn it.

And maya, that is awesome. Stories like that are ALWAYS worth being wrong for.

Maya said...

Well, only partly wrong I suppose since it seems the Dutch bought the brand? Odd.

Either way, sound like an interesting experiment you've got going!