Sunday, August 03, 2008

Day 2 in Tokyo

Another long day. We walked to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden after breakfast at Starbucks. I had the coffee jelly frappuccino, which was pretty much like it sounds. There was jelly in it. Oh, but then we walked around Takashimaya Times Square, a large mall and Books Kinokuniya, where I bought a Tokyo Transit Guide and a Haruki Murakami paperback I haven't read yet.

It was air conditioned in there, and today was the hottest yet.

So then we walked to the garden, walked around there for a long time, headed back and stopped at another shrine. (I will fill in the details later, I just want to jot this down while it's fresh.) Went to the basement of Takashimaya Times Square and bought some yakitori to take back to the room and also some Honey Mustard Pringles... ate lunch and rested...

Later we mustered up our courage to take the train and went to Yoyogi Station, bought our tickets for the Yamanote Line and headed to Akihibara. Big nerds we are, and yes, it is so awesome. I saw more D700s -- even ones in boxes all ready for me to take home but I resisted. Rode small elevators up to the 7th floors of places and looked at Nintendo DS games. Lots of flashing lights, loud speakers, nerds as far as the eye could see...

Eventually we rode the train back to Shinjuku Station and ate dinner at a place where there were only pictures on the menu. I pointed twice at random and they brought us food. Steam buns and some sort of dumpling. Very tasty, though I am really horrible at eating things like that properly. We picked the place because earlier in the day it had the longest line of all the places around it. It was a good choice. Then we stopped at Krispy Kreme to try the mango vanilla donut and the honey lemon donut.

That's pretty much it. Good night!

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