Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm in Tokyo!

I am exhausted but there is so much to see. We just ate dinner at a random hole in the wall place, pointed to a picture on the menu, and it was excellent. Curry with rice and fried pork. Mmm. There are so many people here, it is unreal. Also, this is the biggest city I have ever seen. Not that I didn't hear that ahead of time, but to see it and walk through the streets is a different story. Friday night in Shinjuku. Just wow. I am running entirely on fumes now. It is almost 9pm on Friday here, but my body thinks it is 5am Friday in Seattle.

It is like Las Vegas with purpose. Also there is a Krispy Kreme outside, an Eddie Bauer, lots of Starbucks, and an El Toritos. That's just weird.


Lily said...

Did you know that you're in Japan? Ja.pan. Not only a different country, but a different continent! Weird.

Christy said...

I know! Only 10 hours away by plane, but very different. Good different though.