Friday, August 22, 2008

The Theme is Cheese

We have houseguests through the weekend so we're wild and crazy all up in here. Last night we ate dinner at Jules Maes Saloon and that was nice, though my grilled cheese sandwich could've used a bit more cheese. The beer was cold though; I'll say that for it.

I was just looking over my budget, which I keep in a random text file that only makes sense to me. Every few weeks I get an itch to move stuff around and update priorities. It's what I do for fun. I found a little extra money today so I threw it at an index fund I own that's not doing so great. Well, I'm pretending the stock is on sale... What a bargain!

I should've been responsible and put it toward my annual auto insurance premiums, but where's the fun in that? I hardly ever drive, so no fun at all -- as I answer my own rhetorical question. (Never fear, fearless reader! Auto insurance is budgeted for next month!)

Nothing much exciting to report. I'm supposed to be doing things I don't care to do. My cat, Vash, sure does like to chew plastic bags. The weekend is a blank slate, probably filled with inexpensive sightseeing mini-adventures. I will most likely make my fancy macaroni-n-cheese recipe, featuring heavy cream, gruyere, and lots of butter.

I am now thinking of puns about cheese, mostly involving the word string.

Oh, and happy birthday to Courtney! Many more on channel 4!

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KikiRiki said...

Heh, thanks! Enjoy your cheese, sounds nomilicious to me!