Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preparing for my last show of the season

I loaded the car last night with booth supplies for this weekend's art fair. It took about an hour to carry the 4 heavy pole bags downstairs, along with the weights (about 100 pounds of sand), folding tables, canopy and sidewall canvas bags, and canvas bins. I hope my poor car holds out for this last show.

After the manual labor, I assembled 24 note cards and watched a couple of older episodes of "House." Ended up going to bed later than I wanted, but the car is loaded at least so tonight I'll be free to mat prints and make more cards.

I stayed up reading Amy Sedaris's very funny book on entertaining. It was a birthday gift from my friend Gina. The book's content is both horrifying and hilarious. I recommend it.

Tomorrow I have to go to work early so I manage to work my full 8 hours, probably be in at 6:30am. Jer will pick me up for an extended "lunch" where we drive out to the fair site and erect the booth. Then I go back to work to finish my day. Friday morning is show time.

And next week my in-laws are visiting, so I *think* after that my calendar will be fairly clear. I have tentative plans to sleep a lot and go grocery shopping. Maybe edit some more Japan photos. Get my business records in order. Fun!

Also, if the weather stays nice, I'd like to take some photos locally. My sister sent me a book on great locations to shoot in the Pacific NW, so I will be studying that for ideas.

Happy Wednesday.


Maya said...

Oh, sounds like a good book! What is the title?

Good luck with your show!

Christy said...

It's called "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence." The pictures are worth it alone, but there are also recipes and bizarre craft projects thrown in for good measure.

Maya said...

I actually was talking about the other book you mentioned about places to shoot in the NW (I forgot you mentioned two), but this one looks good too!

Christy said...

Ha. That makes a lot more sense. I forgot about the photo book. It's "The Photographer's Guide to the Puget Sound & Northwest Washington." I've only flipped through so far but it looks good -- and I've come across the author, Rod Barbee before, and found him super helpful.

Maya said...

This looks good! I'm adding to my wish list.