Monday, January 05, 2009

A Dinner Story

It snowed again last night, but it was the good kind of snow -- the kind that melts before you wake up except for about an inch you have to stand in waiting for the bus so everything is still pretty and slushy and not as cold as it could be. That kind.

But with the snow I started thinking, I should really buy some food. During the last storm we ate everything. After devouring the last 4 meatballs and a can of soup last night, we were left with some slightly past-its-prime rice and a few boxes of Tasty Bite. So I took the car and went to Costco.

Oh Costco. You are always crowded and you always have my favorite cereal. Thank you for that. (Nature's Path Pumpkin and Flax Seed something or other, so tasty mixed in yogurt. Trust me.)

As a result, for dinner I enjoyed a feast of apples, a turkey roll up, and a bowl of edamame. The end.

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