Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This decade has been unsatisfactory

My monitor shipped today. I'm still trying to figure out where to get PhotoShop...

I'm not sure how I keep finding myself in these crazy, drama filled, work situations. Is it the corporate world? Is it me? Does it matter? The highs are high, the lows are low, and more often than not, it's all low. Impossible problems. A lack of resources. People cracking. Endlessly waiting for it to improve, hanging onto that last shred of hope, until it's all too much.

Sounds glamorous, right?

For what it's worth, I found some calm since last week, and I am far less twitchy. I'm still not sure that what I'm doing makes me proud. Some days I'm certain; lately, not so much. Here is a generality I've grokked in the last 6 months: you can't lay off half your staff and expect productivity to increase. You can't even expect it to stay the same, logically. It seems like basic math. Yet I've discovered this new world of fuzzy math, where if you wish hard enough, the impossible is turned into plausible PowerPoint presentations.

I will stop there. You get the drift.

Meanwhile time keeps on truckin', as time does. And now it is time for all good men to go to sleep.


Dan said...

I can't speak to the entire corporate world, but what you describe has been my experience for the full 17 years I've been in the software biz. I've worked for several different kinds of companies and throughout there has been drama and fuzzy math. If I figure out how to survive it and stay sane, I'll let you know.

Dan (aka danf)

Christy said...

Thanks, Dan aka danf. I guess it's good it's not just me, but bad it's not just me. I will just have to keep bribing myself with special treats (like a new monitor YAY!) to make it worthwhile.

Maya said...

This sounds much like the situation the Project Manager is in in my (now) last job. I've been laid off, but they still need to meet the crazy deadline. Hm. Good luck! Sorry you are in that situation.

Christy said...

Maya, I wasn't sure when you posted the photo of your desk on your photoblog if you had chosen to leave or not. I'm sorry to hear that happened, especially since they just made you get used to a new location on top of it! Two jobs back they moved my whole site to a new location then shut us down entirely soon after, so I have an idea... On the other hand that Great Barrier Reef job just might be the change you need. :)