Friday, January 02, 2009

the dawn of a new tree ring

I never made it outside to shoot fireworks on New Year's Eve. The rain falling in front of the streetlight convinced me to stay inside where it was warm and dry, but I did enjoy watching all the people scurry around below, dripping wet. The mood was subdued jocularity. Fireworks off the Space Needle are pretty darn cool looking though, all shooting out the sides and up and down. I will just have to remember it.

I worked a bit on a 2008 retrospective entry but then I got bored half-way through, so I can only imagine what you would think. It might still get posted. We'll see. Basically this year I changed my name, went to Japan, started a business, and became an executive, at least for a little while. Now I am back to being a small fish in a very big pond. So not much has changed.


auntie leeshe said...

jen told me you do the blog thing. i LOVE IT!! i'm gonna start reading them. hope you don't mind! now.. i need to figure out how to work my profile!

your calender looks soo good btw! that's exciting!

so ya, onto the blog! ha!!! i wanna read about your year! see, you lived it, so it's snooze-ville for you, but those who are spectators would love to read it! :)

happy happy!!!! ~*alysia

Christy said...

Welcome, alysia! I'm glad you found me. Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year. :)