Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A photo tip

On the D700 camera the WB button is right next to the ISO button.

Background: WB stands for white balance and is used to compensate for the color of the light, like when a photo has a bluish tint in the shade, or you have a greenish tint from fluorescent bulbs or an orange cast, you can correct for that. ISO measures the sensitivity of the film sensor.

So these 2 buttons are side by side. The other day when I was snapping pictures of Jet, I somehow changed the WB setting to incandescent. All my pictures went from being golden in the afternoon sun with this lovely rim light halo around heads and fur, to being blueberry colored. Over half of my shots were blue.

Since I shoot raw format it was simple enough to correct in Photoshop, but seriously, rookie mistake right here. So my tip to you is to learn from me and use white balance correctly. It is a powerful tool, but in the wrong hands it'll leave you feeling blue.

hahahaha. yeah. i went there.

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