Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 in Review

Here's my 2008 Recap (2007 is here):


Still at previous company. Told to move from one office to another for no clear reason. Applied to be a craft vendor. My friend Courtney, took another job, which made me happy for her and sad for lonely me. Created a myspace page for On Focus Photo.

I legally changed my name.

Went to Discovery Park and Kerry Park and Green Lake for the first time.

I interviewed to be a Project Manager but did not get the job.

I started to hear the first rumblings of recession.

Ordered business cards and found a printer for my photos, ordered mat supplies. Business license!


Bought lots of booth stuff: tables, canopy, tablecloths, card racks. Started reading the Wall Street Journal everyday. Went to my first Sonics game. Finally set up account with ShareBuilder.


Quit the old job and started a brand new one at my current company as a Technical Writer. Jer accepted a new role on the same day.

Applied to 4 more festivals, found out I was accepted to some of them. Participated in my first 5k, the St. Patrick's Day Dash.


More On Focus Photo prep. Went to La Conner to see the tulips and saw Eels in concert. Set up a merchant account so I could accept credit cards. Worked my way through "The Artist's Way."


Had my first show for On Focus Photo: University District StreetFair. Most of the month was spent getting ready for that. Visited the Japanese Garden at the Arboretum for the first time.


First visit to Ezell's Chicken. I bought a new 80-200mm lens. Attended an Anthony Bourdain lecture. Lost power twice in the month. Jer and I saw Avenue Q and ate at Icon Grill for the first time. Was a craft vendor at the Fremont Fair. Bought a rear door and a French wall for my booth. Learned that Jer's cousin was injured in Iraq.


I visited the Seattle Art Museum for the first time. Got some great shots of Fourth of July fireworks. Worked two shows as a craft vendor: West Seattle Summerfest and Bite of Seattle. My friend Gina drove all the way to Seattle from Idaho for the day to see us at Bite of Seattle.

I bought a plane ticket to Tokyo.

Got a new camera bag, suitcase, monopod, changed USD into Yen, and saw Jer off at the airport.


Narita Airport! Shinjuku! Humidity!

Held a D700 in my hands for the first time at Yodabashi Camera. Rode the subway and JR Rail. Day trip to Kamakura by myself! Tsukiji Fish Market! Getting lost on the way to Rainbow Bridge. Gardens and unfamiliar insect noises and so many people...

My trainer at the gym quit.

I turned 31.

Worked as a vendor at Art at Marymoor Park. It was... hot.

Members of Jer's family visited. Fun exploring times. Discovered an alcoholic root beer float recipe that is fantastic. Went to PAX.


Jeremy's uncle passed away. Bathroom ceiling started leaking. The TV broke.

I enrolled in a Japanese language class.

I lost a lot of money when WaMu failed. My company had layoffs; I got drunk.


Hungover. I became a member of the executive team. Tried to learn about agile methodology and scrum very quickly.

Discovered Tom Waits. Learned to make Japanese curry. Saw "Spring Awakening" and wasn't all that impressed. Saw Dar Williams in concert and loved it. Ate at Mitchelli's for the first time. Released my calendar for sale.

Jeremy bought me a DS Lite.


Replaced all the burnt out lights in the kitchen, finally. Experienced a lot of growing pains with my new position.

Voted and was happy. I didn't know if I was getting a paycheck that month. Fun times. Rolled some money into a Vanguard IRA.

Blogsgiving with CeRo. Japanese class continues. Shooting at the mall, while I was in the dressing room and Jer was nearby.

Ordered Christmas gifts. Very important business dinner with (who would soon be) new owners. Celebrated Thanksgiving at Salty's with Jer. And... I ordered a Nikon D700.

Started playing WoW again.


Saw Quantum of Solace. Tried to learn everything I could about XML, XSD, and XSLT. Quit posting regularly to the photoblog. Saw Jonathan Richman with Courtney.

Jer's company Christmas party.

It. Snowed. A. Lot.

My bus got stuck, I was stuck at home, company got sold, had to scan and email a bunch of important documents. Received many lovely and thoughtful presents.


If I had to choose a theme for 2009, that theme would be Progress. Whenever I'm faced with procrastination or progress, I hope to have the discipline to choose correctly. And if I don't, to not beat myself up too much and try again.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a terrific year.


George said...

HNY to you too. May it bring progress, but not too stressful progress.

And a question--how was the Bourdain event? A&L is bringing him in February and I'm curious.

Christy said...

HNY, George. :)

I really enjoyed the Anthony Bourdain event and I think you and Amy would too. I wrote a bit about it here: He doesn't take himself too seriously. There was a separate dinner attached to the event that I did not attend but my boss went and seemed to enjoy. That's all I got.

danf said...

Wow, it seems like only yesterday that a certain former employer had you playing musical offices. Your "new" office: currently empty. Me: still cube-bound. Guess I don't rate.

Maya said...

Wow. There were all kinds of things I was thinking while reading all of that. Sounds like you had a quite successful year full of change. I'm also learning Agile etc. Sounds like we are in the same biz.

George said...

Thanks--sorry I missed the initial write-up.

But that does mean I don't spend all my time reading blogs. (Now there's FB, too!)

WV: ballwom, as in the place where the fetus dance

Christy said...

danf, you should just go ahead and move into the office. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. :)

Maya... agile seems to be working for us. How is it for you? I can't believe they made me the product owner. Oh the damage I can do!

Heh, George, I don't expect you to hang on my every word even though I am terribly fascinating. As for ballwom, there is a song by The Killers, "Where the White Boys Dance." After I read your definition, I keep humming it and substituting "fetus."