Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feeling better and the story of Shin-Chan

Since last entry the crazy has been slowly draining. It always helps to reassert my dominion over the chaos that is my schedule. To that end I put together an electronic calendar of all the government dates my position must accommodate and prioritized the work for the next two weeks. So I'm feeling better.

Jer and I went across the street for cheeseburgers for dinner and watched "Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs" (2008). To that I say, eh. I'd seen quite a few of the jokes before -- bricks dropping from Bender when he's frightened -- which didn't feel like in-jokes, but more like laziness.

Oh but have I mentioned how much we love Shin Chan? (Warning, if you click that link there is sound and it's NSFW). The humor is South Park-ish. The show was originally a manga and anime series (a much safer link) that's been re-scripted and dubbed in English to be more outrageous than the original, though judging by the original animation it must have been pretty wacky to start.

It's about the Nohara family and their five-year old son, Shin-chan, whose favorite topics revolve around his butt and everything inappropriate. He goes to an American school in Kasukabe, Japan, and the peripheral characters are his classmates and the family's neighbors. The first time I saw it on Adult Swim I had no idea what I was watching, but I knew I wanted to see more. The show also features a TV superhero named Action Bastard that Shin idolizes and is always trying to get his mother to buy the merchandise.

That is to say, Jer received some of the DVDs for Christmas so we've been catching up on Shin-Chan. I highly recommend it.

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