Monday, December 24, 2007

An Elaborate Recap of 2007

2006 was fairly forgettable, except for the fact it was a bad year and I was happy to see it go. I never wrote a recap because it wasn't worth it to me, but 2007 on the other hand, that's a year I can get behind.

I believe the year started with a hangover. I was overwhelmed at work and was in the office on Saturdays to catch up. I went bowling in Capitol Hill with work and to the Chapel after for drinks. There was a lot of snow and ice in January, and I had difficulty convincing cab drivers to drive me all the way to West Seattle where it was rumored to be the end of times.

Found out I was good at darts. Obtained more Le Creuset. Jer was temporarily unemployed. I was pretty much depressed this whole month.

This month also started with a hangover. I found an incredible meatloaf recipe and made fried chicken. Jer started a new job.

Obtained more Le Creuset. Obsessed with work.

I went to the Bodies Exhibition to see cadavers and was scared straight. Maybe I should exercise? crosses my mind.

Went to Metropolitan Market for the first time and learned where to buy cilantro/Chinese Parsley. First trip to Charlestown Street Cafe for dinner. First trip to Daiso.

Jer and I spent a weekend in Port Angeles before he started his new job. We ate well, but the trip was not a good one. He was worried about starting his new job on the following Monday and I was in a poor headspace.

I paid off my photography school loan in February. That still makes me happy.

Lily visited, yay. We ate our way across Seattle and went on a tour of Theo Chocolate.

First trip to the dentist in Seattle.

Donated blood. Learned how to make a proper omelet. Drank too much. Went to Jak's Grill for the first time. Wrote lyrics for the first time.

We bought a new mattress! First new one I've had in 10 years. And it was king-sized. Happy times! (Jer was at the emergency room getting his hand stitched together as it was delivered.)

The biggest news of the month was: I started with a personal trainer again. I returned to the gym after an absence of about 6 months.

Jer and I went to the Woodinville Wine Weekend. This month was a pretty good one.

Second day of Woodinville Wine Weekend. Ate at the Mongolian Grill for the first time.

I take the first steps to treat my body healthier, but this is a very long road. The initial pain of workouts is overwhelming and I spend many hours on the couch with a heating pad.

I made a Shepherd's Pie. I took a random vacation day to relax.

I started weighing my food with a scale and counting calories. Then I signed up for a weight loss contest at the gym. Courtney and Chris took me to see Rat City Rollergirls.

I quit drinking for the contest. Mostly to see if I could do it.

Water taxi season started! I took photos at Courtney's auction for the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk and I helped a co-worker move. I also started looking into taking financial planning courses.

I set up my online photo store and photo blog.

Still dieting and not drinking.

Played golf for the first time on a 9 hole par 3 course. Then went to Beveridge Place Pub for the first time. (A lot of firsts this year.) Was embarrassed to ask the bartender for a Diet Coke, but got over myself.

Sent an entry to a playwriting contest. Started a Project Management class. Our friend Mike came to visit. Submitted to for the first time.

To sum up my March recap: this month was about dieting, not drinking, and photography. I completed the weight loss contest with a 15 pound loss.

The first day of this month ended up being one of the worst of my entire life. It made me realize a couple of important things and since that night, everything has been better. Jer rescued me from a stupid situation I put myself into, and for the first time in a long time, I realized how much he cared for me. Probably more than I cared for myself at the time. 2006 was bad for us both and for the previous few months, things had been steadily improving, but this was the night it all came together. My drinking was one problem, a friendship with someone who was a bad influence was another, and wandering off into the night and getting myself lost in an industrial section of the city at 11pm was the final straw.

I bought a knee brace. Gym, photography, and professional rejection... Jer's sister had a baby girl.

Jer and I went to Gasworks for the first time. We started (this month) to spend more concentrated quality time together. Also, Jer bought me a fisheye lens as a belated Christmas present.

Friends over for Fourth of July, photos taken. Jer and I walked/roller bladed to Seafair. It was awesome. If only because he conceded to leave the house and engage in a form of exercise!

My parents visited, yay! I proceeded to take them EVERYWHERE, including Bainbridge Island.

Jer and I ate at the Royal India Grill for the first time.

Created a new and improved budget for saving for a house downpayment.

Jer and I walked around the park on a pretty summer day.

Jer and I went to a movie. (I'm highlighting these outings because they were huge for our relationship. After 7 years, our life together meant taking each other for granted.)

KOMO-TV blogger meetup.

I submitted photos to a stock photography site after hemming and hawing for years. I was ultimately accepted.

I turned 30. I got engaged. We ordered our wedding bands. Jer started his crazy working-at-night schedule -- which incidentally is still happening, 4 months later.

I rented a slide scanner and scanned in all my slides from photography school. That was a pain in the ass.

First trip to Skylark Cafe. First visit to the Ballard Locks. Jer and I spent a lovely afternoon exploring the Locks and the Salmon Ladder.

Another cleaning at the dentist. First bra fitting at Macy's. First taste of poutine.

Jer and I went to the Greek Festival. Jer and I saw They Might Be Giants in concert.

I bought a yogurt maker and snapped a lucky shot of a bald eagle with the Space Needle in the background.

Started selling on Sold last year's Halloween costume on eBay.

I married Jeremy.

Saw "Bat Boy: The Musical." Cooked a fair amount this month. Jer and I went to a corn maze and pumpkin patch. It was awesome.

I went to see Crazy Aunt Purl do her book reading in Seattle and then I bought biking shorts with padding. I started a spinning class.

Fires in San Diego. Parents temporarily evacuated.

Jer and I went to a movie and a pub. I went to the doctor for an annual checkup. No surprises.

Sold a lot more items on Started saving for a wedding dinner with the families. Made Beef Daube Provencal.

Paid to have the knives sharpened at the Farmer's Market. Took the car in for an oil change. Bought clothes. Jer and I drove to Tacoma for Carl's, Jr.

More pumpkin beer!

I cooked a lot of food for Thanksgiving, including my grandmother's recipe for Greek Stuffing. Started playing Diablo II again.

Went to a fancy bar or two with CRo and drank things with egg whites in them.

It snowed!

My Saturday spinning class ended. I made yogurt finally. Jer and I saw Mike Doughty at the Triple Door. So much fun.

I tried absinthe!

Jer and I went to southern California to visit families and go to our fancy wedding dinner. My sister appeared unexpectedly and we all had a great time. Then I caught a cold on the way home.

I went on the Christmas Ship for the first time.

Recap of Recap:
2007 was about trying a lot of things for the first time. It was also about reclaiming a relationship from the pits of relationship purgatory and giving it a brand new life. And lastly, it was about physical pain (the gym) and photography (On Focus Photo.) And as a second lastly, it was about making new Seattle friends.

Thanks for bearing with me! Looking forward to what 2008 has in store. -- Christy

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