Tuesday, March 03, 2009

not sure where i was going with this

I should really be packing, but Thursday seems very far away and I don't want to acknowledge Wednesday will be 92% blur. My nice work clothes are laid out, along with my stockings and a pair of shiny black wedges. I contemplated the dark red heels, but they are not broken in and I may wear them Friday. And frankly I will be more impressive if I don't fall over... Decisions, decisions.

Fortunately I remembered to reserve a space on the airport shuttle, so that's helpful. I haven't done any planning for this trip yet and my brain is not speaking to me right now. It's such a diva. Something about being sick of hearing the words "prior authorization."

Thank goodness for George's suggestions in the last entry. (Thanks, George.) He did my food research for me. Now if I can just find a way to eat for 2 days straight my itinerary will write itself.

My cats are very clingy. It's like they know we're leaving.

Hmm. Speaking of cats, note to self in a public forum, I should check in with Courtney.

And I'm out.

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George said...

You're welcome. Have a great time!