Saturday, March 21, 2009

where'd they go?

I went to a big university. I spent a lot of time in fields that were predominantly women. My high school, well one of them, had a couple thousand people in it. So for all those years I saw females who were my age everyday.

When I took my first few jobs, I was always the youngest, but the gender balance was pretty even. Up until recently, and with only two exceptions, I've continued to be the youngest. Let's see, working for 15 years, and in each job I find myself the youngest person there. Usually by at least five years or more. That seems weird.

And lately, yeah, now I work with one person younger than me, but I've been noticing that all of the women my age have disappeared. Not just at my job. But on the streets at lunchtime -- sometimes I catch glimpses at Starbucks or on the bus -- but it's just me and a bunch of guys, trying not to make eye contact.

I'm not actually complaining, but I find myself very curious. What happened to them all? Even if we all spread out across the country, wouldn't other women spread out too to even the gaps? Are they working in drastically different sectors? Did they all marry rich? Win the lottery? Are they housewives? Stay at home moms?

Lately I just can't help thinking: Shouldn't there be more of us?


Maya said...

They got laid off because their male bosses were idiots. Oops, was that me being bitter? :P

Christy said...

Ha. I completely neglected that explanation...