Sunday, March 01, 2009

San Francisco recommendations?

I will have a couple of days free to explore San Francisco, so I am asking all of you smart and opinionated people if you have any suggestions on food, sights, bars, events, entertainment?

I have already been to Alcatraz and I know the Fisherman's Wharf area pretty well. I went on a bus tour around the city with a college friend, Colin, many years ago and am familiar with the city layout and the Golden Gate Bridge. We'll be sticking to the city so no day trips to Yosemite or Monterey or Livermore or Napa. Also, we'll be staying in Japantown and we'll have a car.

The only thing I would really like to do for sure is see the Camera Obscura again, and possibly Muir Woods. I will also be looking for photo opportunities, but that's not a surprise.

Hit me with it!

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George said...

In SF, everything is a photo op, if you ask me. Fort Point, under the Golden Gate Bridge, is a cool spot for that (and a must for fans of Vertigo). Another cool thing to do is walk up the backside of Telegraph Hill where Coit Tower is--there are odd little alleys and stairways--, and you might see the parrots, too.

As a foodie you have to go to the Ferry Building. Great, but not cheap, Vietnamese food at the Slanted Door. Wonderful Mexican food at Mijita, not expensive.

Other fine places:
*Ella's for great breakfast
*Nopa one of the best restaurants in the country, if you ask me
*Brenda's for breakfast
*Alembic for amazing cocktails and great small plates
*Toronado for beer on tap
* Swan Oyster House, for the ambience and great Louie salads
*Monk's Kettle, for pot pies and fine beer on tap
*Blue Plate, for tasty comfort food

I could go on and on.